I can feel the discontent in the Chilean streets, the country where I was born and where I have lived all my life. It’s a certainty that the Chilean public education is deficient, and the university education in Chile is absurdly expensive, in a country so rich in natural resources. For us who live and studied here, we who know what is not to have the same opportunities like the minority from the ruling elite, this scenario is very frustrating.

Piñera’s people waited too long for the Chilean students movement to fade out by itself, but this has not yet occurred and now the goverment don’t know how to fix the problem in their hands without betraying the interests of their supporters, the business men.

The Chilean population does not belive in Piñera’s leadership, the public surveys prove it. And the sensation in the streets is that the government only take care about their own interests, and the rest is just a big show for the TV cameras and the international investors.

You may think that the students movement is too ‘red’ or ideological. You may also think that I eat babies for breakfast. It doesn’t matter in the end, because the truth over everything else is that the Chilean young population sees how our economy grows and the elite gets more rich, while the majority stays in the same conditions of the last ten years, and their parents are still paying the debts of their own education. In scenarios of stubborn inequality like this one, is where all the revolutionary ideologies have begun. And this is indeed a revolution, even if students don’t carry shotguns.

There is the problem of the riots… wich are not such thing. The Piñera’s government and the media insist on highlighting only the minor disorders and destruction caused by a small group of violent anarchists without purpose or speech. And everything else, the clarification messages, the position of students and their leaders, the people marching in the streets with banners and dancing and performing, even whole families chanting for equality… everything is obscured by a media smokescreen. Everyone can see the manipulation, and the goverment and his media keep doing it.

As a journalist myself, I have to say this: they (the goverment media in general) are not lying, but also they are not telling the whole truth.

The students movement will probably continue until the government start doing what they must do for the greater good, as rulers usually do, and also when they stop taking care of their own pockets only. I know that even in the disadvantage, the Chilean business men will find ways to not lose money, so their privatization speech can only be explained by an institutionalized lazyness. They just don’t want to learn new tricks to bypass the system, because the old tricks are good enough.

To live in Chile, for at least the 95% of the Chilean population is, in diferent ways depending on each person’s personal context, very frustrating. I see this every day in the streets. Nobody wants everything for free, that is for slackers and thieves. All we want, we the Chileans who live and study and work in this beatiful country, is the same conditions for everyone, in education and health and justice. Nothing more.

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