Jajaja, en realidad me entretiene una enormidad.

Facebook es la típica red de networking donde invitas a tus amigos, tienes un blog y subes tus fotos, además de decir en qué andas cuando te conectas. Entre otras payasadas muy en boga.

Pues en Facebook hacen eso y mucho más. Se fueron al chancho. Puedes agregar juegos, encuestas, preguntas, responder, atacar, ser atacado… Miles de maneras de interactuar con tus amigos. Te Mantiene ocupado.

Por ejemplo, yo soy un zombi. Rara la wá. Hice unos test… y entre otras cosas, soy:

Ted Bundy murdered as many as 36 women. Although he raped most of them, psychologists think he was motivated by power rather than sex; this is where you and he are alike, a thirst for power. You are charming, well-educated, and good-looking. You will die in an electric chair.

Drugs? Who needs drugs when you’ve got the biggest high of all – life. You get your kicks from saving orphans from burning buildings so that they can feed the hungry who help old ladies across the street. You love your family and your friends, and your friends’ families and your family’s friends. The people in the world who do use drugs are ashamed of themselves in your presence, and wish they had your moral fortitude. You big jerk.

You’re a woman. And if you’re not, you’re just saving up for surgery. You’re the life of the party, but that’s because most parties are just excuses to get chicks drunk. Attention is a necessity for you – you need things to be drawn to you at all times. Hopefully things with a job and a nice car. And you’re best consumed in a tube top and black pants.

When it comes to the bedroom, you know everything. From how to please your mate to feng shui-ing the dresser, you could teach a seminar. And maybe you do. For you, sex is about the experience, which you’re liable to have had over and over and over. Be proud, this is clearly the coolest answer in this quiz. Unless you lied to get to this answer, then be very ashamed.

You have no super powers at all. Really, none. You’re normal. Deal with it. But you make a really great sidekick. You should probably play this game again and change your answers.

Jajaj… Aunque no me hace mucha gracia.

También he podido hacer una lista con la mayoría de los libros que he leído (que recuerdo haber leído), al igual que las películas. Declararme fan del Doctor who, justificar qué haría con un millón de dólares…

Maldito, maldito Facebook. Una enviciante manera d perder el tiempo. Y es entrete.


“Mi origen es mi destino” – Ningen Janai